Kamen Rider Cake

Avery nice lady emailed me weeks ago to ask if i might do a cake for her 10 year old boy. A Kamen Masked Rider cake to be specific. She said her son particularly liked the belt, dial and a character from this super hero series and asked that the design be based on these three things.

And this was what I came up with.....

This cake was a fantastic learning curve for me. It was my first time making a STANDING figurine, a MALE one to make it tougher. Females  tend to be easier (not sure about that in reality ; P) because i can hide ugly legs and dowels beneath their skirts or dresses, but for males, i cannot do that, unless the dude's wearing a kilt, which is very unlikely. But after fooling around with a couple of methods to make a stable yet nice looking dude, everything fell into place pretty nicely after that.

Belt, and dial made with rice krispie treats, cake was 3 layers of choc fudge cake with oreos and cream filling!

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