Straits Times Interview

Best Halloween treat EVER. Period. Was so excited, i stayed up till 2am (whilst working on cakes for next week.) and woke up just as day was breaking at 630am. Reason? My cakes were on today's papers! Nothing big, in fact, just a small colomun amongst many other super duper, uber talented cake decorators, or should i say ARTISTS. Feeling absolutely hornored that i am even featured with the other pros. The article really humbled me, that's not to say that i am arrogant about my cakes, but as the chinese saying goes "with every mountain, there's always an even HIGHER mountain.". I must make it a point to remind myself that with every cake i do that i am pleased and proud of, there's always someone out there who has done it way better than me. That should keep me grounded and my head on my shoulders. : )

I really need to thank my family, especially my husband, and friends (you know who you are) for being the naggers that they are. just kidding. ha. they have been the source of my support for what i have been doing. without them, i am nothing. literally. and of course RLT, you didn't need to include me in your article, but you did. and i thank you very much for it. opps, am i making all this out to be some sort of acceptance speech? heh. can't help it. its just too good to be true for me and once in a lifetime. never been on papers before la. ; )

Happy Halloween everybody!

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