Race Car Cake and Cupcakes

So the iPhone cake was handed over to client last Thursday. The basic shape of the cake was pretty straight forward, but the gazillions of apps on it was a pain in the arse to do. Pardon the language. Its not that i disliked making them, but i actually enjoy making 3 dimensional things a wee but more. Case in point, the 3D basketball cake was so fun to do! It made my brain go into over drive just figuring out how to get the spherical shape of the ball, trying different recipes, different bowls, how to give the basketball a more realistic texture (thanks to the darlin husb who gave me the idea of using our drawer mat!) et cetera.

Anyways, today I have completed my rascal of a son's race car themed cake! Did i already mention that I absolutely adore making kid's cakes? Their always so lively, brightly colored and vivid! Anyways, we'll be having a MacDonald's party for him tomorrow, a first in the family, yes i know, where have we been living on? Mars? So all of us are pretty psyched up about it! : )

Top tier cake is 6" chocolate fudge cake with chocolate IMBC frosted with dark choc ganache.

Mini vanilla cupcakes with buttercream.

So my next order is my girlie's friend's engagement party cake. It a small one, also a 6" with a fairy and elf topper. Watch out for it eh? Toodles!

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